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La boutargue, Одеса
La boutargue
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La boutargue, Одеса

Регіон: Одеська обл. / м. Одеса   (Tunis)
We propose a quantity of Boutargue destined for export our Tunisian Boutargue has a strong taste, affirmed, which belongs only to her. it will therefore be dosed sparingly in your recipes. it is sliced in general very finely, or it rasp at the last moment: a few keys are enough to enjoy its unique and incomparable flavor.
sells at a good price conditioned food wax with possibility of making a custom packaging (//agrarka.com)
- no geographical limit
- 1 kg (5 to 7 pieces) = 145 euro
- 70 kg
Автор, контакти
Bouazizi marouen /  відгуки, інфо.
Телефон: +216xxxxxx показати
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